BRAMHA BAZAZ AGROFORESTRY LIMITED is a Public limited company incorporated on 08/11/1994. It is categorised as Company limited by Shares and classified as Indian Non-Government Company. It is registered at Registrar of Companies, RoC-Pune office. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 2000000.0 /- and paid up capital is Rs. 500000.0/-. It is engaged in Agriculture and Allied Activities

BRAMHA BAZAZ AGROFORESTRY LIMITED's Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U01119MH1994PLC082696 and its registration number is 082696. Its registered address is 250/251 M G ROADCAMP PUNE MH 411001 IN- Maharashtra - INDIA
BRAMHA BAZAZ AGROFORESTRY LIMITED has not been Listed with stock exchanges

Current status of BRAMHA BAZAZ AGROFORESTRY LIMITED is - Under Process of Striking Off

    Company CIN:
    Incorporation Date: 08/11/1994
    Registrar Office: RoC-Pune
    Registration Number: 082696
    State: Maharashtra
    250/251 M G ROADCAMP PUNE MH 411001 IN
    Company Category: Company limited by Shares
    Company Sub category: Indian Non-Government Company
    Company Class: Public Limited Company
    Authorised Capital (INR): 2000000.0 /-
    Paid Up Capital (INR): 500000.0 /-
    Listing Status: Not Listed with stock exchanges
    Date of Latest Balance Sheet: -
    Date of Last Annual General Meeting -
    Company Status: Under Process of Striking Off
    Company Business Activities:

    Agriculture and Allied Activities

    Growing of food grain crops (cereals and pulses)
    Growing of oilseeds including peanuts or soya beans
    Growing of cotton and other vegetable textile fibre plants (Includes growing of plant materials for plaiting, padding or stuffing or brushes or brooms)
    Growing of tobacco, including its preliminary processing
    Growing of sugarcane or sugar beet
    Growing of rubber trees; harvesting of latex and treatment on the plantation of the liquid latex for the purpose of transport or preservation
    Growing of plants used chiefly in pharmacy or for insecticide, fungicidal or similar purposes ( Includes growing of opium and ganja)
    Growing of Hina leaves
    Growing of other crops, (Includes growing of potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes or cassava; hop cones, chicory roots or roots and tubers with a high starch or inulin content; growing of seeds of a kind used for sowing, growing of forage plants including grasses and of crops not elsewhere classified)
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